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Gluteoplasty in function of Sexual Activity 

With Endopeel we can adapt the butts of each patient in function of his/her sexual activity at his/her demand or propose it .
The good thing is that if the sexual activity changes in the patients life or if it is not anymore a 1 st choice, we can at each moment change the shape and whole appearance of the butt .

Madame Claude ,stereotypical Parisian Call Girl Service Owner
Madame Claude
High Class Parisian Prostitution in the years 1950
Bruce Mason
Co-Founder / Lead Art Director
James Dean
CEO / Lead Developer

Actual Requests for Female Prostitutes and/or Call Girls concerning the Gluteal Area 

The Vision

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The Evolution

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Jessica Ngyuen
Graphic Design
Giorgio Versace
inematograph / Photograph
Kyra Banks
Management / Communication
Esteban Sanchez
Animations / Audio & Video Edit
Mica Svanson
Graphic Design / Web & UI Design
Albert Wesker
App & Website Development

Clients we’ve worked for