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Side Effects & Complications

SC broken needle

Broken Needle 

Many etiologies can lead to broken needles.

No Results because of No respect of Relative Contra Indications


Be aware of Anabolisants .

No results will be seen in case of the patient uses anabolisants . Wait at least 3- 4 months without anabolisants before starting Endopeel procedures.

Reaction to Hydroalcoholic Desinfection Product

Reaction to Hydroalcoholic Desinfection Product (during covid time) on Toilet Lid
Immediate Reaction - Duration : 1 Week



Differential Etiologic Diagnosis : Husband or Ex Boy Friend Behaviour

Extremely Rare : Peanut Allergy

  • 1 unique case has been reported worldwide in 23 years !

  • happened 1 week after treatment

  • has been treated with Corticoids cream + Antihistaminics and/or Antibiotics cream

latex dermographism

Latex Dermographism

  • Latex dermographism is never related to Endopeel and is only related to wrong use of material as latex gloves for ex left on the skin of the patients butt.

  • The injection needle cap is made of latex and should never be left in contact with the patient's skin

Wrong Marking or learning from unauthorized trainers on social medias ( Instagram)

  • Results are poor or absent

  • The treated butt appears like a rugby ball and loose its anatomical shape.