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Transform Your Figure with Safe and Effective Gluteoplasty enhancing your curves.

et si on s occupait enfin de nos fesses
male showing part of butts through jeans
female butts
male butts

Why is Endopeel the best solution?

no surgery no surgery
no hospital no hospital
no risks
immediate results
no fillers
no threads
continuous improvement

Choose the 3D butts you wish fitting them to your swimwear, underwear, jeans and get new fashion butts in just 30 minutes .

Only with Endopeel this is possible.
A new era is born with ENDOPEEL : the FASHION MEDICINE

millenium males butts
Beauty & Fashion

Millenium Males are concerned by their bodies , go to gym and like to have nice butts fitting their jeans as swimwear and underwear.

With Endopeel, the trained doctor no longer makes your butts ready-to-wear (prostheses) but tailor-made.

With Endopeel you can change your buttocks in 3D at each new collection (fashion).



female argentino butts
Argentinian Female

On this picture only left side has been treated . The patient, latino argentinian female wanted :

  • more projected butts (requested by any patient- males as females) called too ,,butts with fullness,,
  • with external convexity ( typical request of latino women) or called too ,,lateral fullness,,
  • with infra gluteal sulcus or banana fold lifted
  • with lower infra gluteal area without convexity ( feminilization of the butts)
  • with closed anus ( at the difference of north african or mexican women)or better said tightener intergluteal cleft
  • harder or better said with firmness
after atrophy

Reshaping Butts
after atrophy linked to traumatism

in Pathology

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