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female butts in underwear

Female Butts Indications

Female Butts need to be attractive
  • Butts count a lot in the feminity of females since the antiquity.
  • The shape and the characters of beauty changed with the history and periods as it can be seen on paintings.

The attractiveness has to be seen on all angles

Most Requested Indications for White European Female Butts

female ass tightening


All is a question of ethny and/or culture and/or social level

  • Most white european females belonging to middle class as high class and/or having a good culture wont ask for a brazilian butt lift .
  • Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL means to enlarge the butt, project them at their maximum and lift them.
  • If the butt of white european female is too large or convexe, such women may ask tightening keeping the same projection and Endopeel can reshape of course all kind of butts.

Most Requested Indications for Latino  Female Butts

female ass tightening


All is a question of ethny and/or culture and/or social level

  • Most latino females belonging to a low class and/or having no culture or just a latino one may ask for a wide butt or enlargement with more projection .
  • Unfortunately these latino females are doing it to satisfy their male partners more than to satisfy themselves.
  • Increasing the width of the butt has to be done too with an increasing of the projection.

Resume of Female Indications for Gluteoplasty