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Anatomic Landmarks

Beauty Parameters of Common White Female Butts

white female butts beauty
anthropometry butts


A-Greater Trochanter

B-Point of maximal projection of Mont Veneris

C-Point of maximal gluteal projection

D-Anterior Superior Iliac Spine

Ratio AC:AB = 2:1

photographic features of white female butts

Photographic Features of white female butts

1.Lateral depression

2.Infragluteal fold ( Banana Fold)

3.Supragluteal fossettes

4.V shaped crease

Photographic Anatomy of the White Female Butts
lateral depression

1.The lateral depression or Hip Dip

- Up : insertion and belly of the gluteus medius

- Down: insertion of vastus lateralis

- Posteriorly:Insertion of Quadratus femoris with the belly of the gluteus maximus over the latter

  • It s mostly unpossible or with only very low results to correct hip dip on females ,with fat grafting or fillers.
  • The only technique actually safe, cheap, without downtime, giving a high percentage of satisfaction among patients is Endopeel.
infra gluteal fold

2.The infra gluteal fold or banana fold

-The horizontal crease is under the ischial tuberosity

-Inferior border is formed by insertions of the semitendinous muscle and the long belly of the biceps femoris in the ischial tuberosity

-Superiorly:formed by the lower border of the gluteus maximus

It arises in the median gluteal crease and follows a lateral curve, with a proximal concavity, no further than the union of the semitendinous muscle with the biceps femoris

supra gluteal fossettes

3.The supra gluteal fossettes


2 hollows are located on either side of the medial sacral crest

-formed in their deepest part by the posterior superior iliac spine EIPS

-And medially by the multifidus muscle

In a more superficial plane,they are bounded by the lumbodorsal aponeurosis and inferiorly and laterally by the insertion of the gluteus maximus

V shaped crease

4.The V shaped crease

 It is formed by

-2 lines arising in the proximal portion of the gluteal crease

-Directed towards the supragluteal fossettes

-These lines are formed by the insertion of the gluteus maximus in the lumbodorsal aponeurosis.They measure no more than 1/3 of the distance between the gluteal crease and the supragluteal fossettes

white female butts resume


1.Lateral depression formed by the lateral border of the gluteus medius and vastus lateralis to the greater trochanter

2.Infragluteal fold created by the ischial tuberosity, the insertions of the semi tendinous muscle and long belly of the biceps femoris and the lower border of the gluteus maximus

3.Supragluteal fossettes (1 on either side) over the posterior superior iliac spine,created by the multifidus muscle, the lumbodorsal aponeurosis and the insertion of the gluteus maximus

4.V shaped crease arising in the proximal portion of the gluteal crease

5. Lumbar hyperlordosis contributes to beautiful buttocks. This hyperextension of the spine in the lumbosacral region is an ethnic feature ( black-mulato)


Cadavers Anatomy of the Gluteal Area

Courtesy of  Dr.Matt Stefanelli


Anatomy of the Gluteal Muscles

anatomy of the gluteal muscles

Anatomy of the Gluteal Fat