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Which tools have we to reshape butts 


Reshape the Butts by modifying its Dimensions

Dimensions : length l , width w , height h

The product l x w x h is constant with Endopeel Techniques, which means that Endopeel is isovolumetric.

We can act then on 3 parameters :

  1. the length l :

    the shorter the length, the more we see a lifting effect or GLUTEOPEXY

  2. the width w 
    by tightening or enlarging the buttocks
  3. the height h
    is increased in case of projection
  • As the product l x w x h is constant, it is easy to understand that a  gluteopexy (by reducing the length l) and a tightening  ( by reducing the width w ) will lead to better projection ( by increasing the height h).
  • And in case of gluteopexy ( by reducing the length l) and an enlargement ( by increasing the width w ) will lead to a lower projection h . In such case , we have tools to increase the height h as well .

  • Gluteopexy acting on the length l
    by shortening the length l
  • Tightening acting on the width w
    by reducing the width w
  • Enlargement acting on the width w
    by increasing the width w
  • Projecting
    by reducing the length l and the width w

Reshape the Butts by modifying its Mass and/or Volume

Mass m, Volume v

Comparison of left untreated vs right treated masseters on same cadaver

The object of this study is to compare on the same cadaver the untreated right masseter and the left treated masseter after injection through the skin of 0.05ml of the main product of Endopeel.

0.05 ml is unsignificant for a 400g masseter mass .

The shape as the tension of the treated left masseter is different vs the atrophic right untreated masseter.

But after exerese biopsies, both masseters have same weight.

This demonstrates that Endopeel is isovolumetric, keeping same mass and volume for the treated muscle as the untreated muscle. At same time the treated muscle is completely reshaped and gets back its lost tension.

  • Endopeel
    is isovolumetric
  • Implants
    are hypervolumetric
  • Fillers
    are hypervolumetric
  • Lipofilling or Fat Grafting
    is hypervolumetric

Reshape the Butts by modifying its Tension

Tension T- Myotension

Endopeel restores the muscle tone, which is very interesting for anti aging treatments and also in case of atrophied or paralyzed muscles.

Endopeel restores back the lost tension of the muscles without acting on the function as amplitude of muscle contraction.

The Fashion Touch to Reshape the Butts

Fashion medical tool

The actual trend for young trendy females is to open the infra gluteal losange situated at the inferior part of the intergluteal cleft .