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generation X

Generation X

Female Gluteoplasty

female gen x/economic-female-gluteo-back.

Generations and Ages

Generation Z

11 – 26 Years


27-42 Years

Generation X

43-58 Years


59-68 Years


> 68 Years

Case of Average Gen X Female 

  • External column next to hip dip has not to be treated ( red crosses on the external column) as there is a typical concavity for the hip dip and any treatment would tighten more the butt area ,especially at contraction.

    Therefore this external column for most of males belongs to forbidden areas

  • Internal Column next to the gluteal cleft belongs also to forbidden areas for most of males.

    In fact males mostly do not wish to open their anus and prefer to keep it tight.

    See red crosses on the internal column

  • The maximum projection point is above the red line in this case ( because the patient is not sporty)