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why do we prefer endopeel
surgical look post implant

Surgical Look post Implant

Prosthesis as implants can give a not natural surgical look at the contraction..

butts threads


Any kind of threads can lead to holes and depressions.

mesotherpay vs endopeel



Mesotherapy is ineffective and lead to more ecchymosis than Endopeel .A comparative study shows that with Endopeel you get a great projection of the butts with a lifting too of the infra gluteal fold ( banana fold).

Fat Grafting

Fat Grafting


This lipoplasty has good results.

But even after fat grafting, the shape of the butts dont give any volume and/or projection .
In such case, endopeel is great to perform at least 3 months after fat grafting to get a nice 3d shape.

Also we learnt from the scientific specialized medical literature the followings :

  • Reabsorption after fat injection for gluteal contour

    Reabsorption rate 24-36% after 3 months

    gluteal contour fat reabsorption

Other Reasons to Prefer Endopeel for Gluteoplasty

But leave

past behind you

Combinations can be done and even improve the results


Combination with Filler to improve lateral fullness

lateral fullness with filler

Endopeel after Fat Grafting