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Use 2 wooden tonguers of 1 cm or 2 cm width and begin from the intergluteal cleft (in) towards the external (out)hip dip.

Use 2 wooden tonguers with 1cm or 2cm width and proceed from infra gluteal fold ( banana fold) towards the  upper limit of the gluteal area ( upper limit of the underwear-string).

Proceed in the whole gluteal area as described before to obtain squares .


  • Even if we used 2 wooden tonguers in their width to divide in squares the gluteal area, all squares will be different ( some will be bigger and others smaller ).
  • In such case, the quantity of product to inject should be more than average for larger squares 
  • Average injection per square per vector or /and tensor is 0.1ml
  • For bigger squares : 0.2 to 0.3 ml per vector and/or tensor