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Racial and ethnic minorities are growing significantly in the United States, with Hispanic Americans constituting 16.3 percent of the U.S. population in 2010.

The female latino butt

A key aspect in ethnic cosmetic medicine is to pre-serve ethnic qualities of the body while reshaping it.
It is therefore essential for the physician to recognize and properly analyze the ethnic differences of body characteristics to maintain the patient’s ethnic harmony.
Ethnic gluteoplasty is certainly emerging as a hot topic in this field, because of the tremendously increased request for this procedure.
Waist-to-hip ratio is represented as approxi-mately equal to 0.7 for all ethnic gluteal types.
Differences among ethnic types can be appreciated with regard to buttock size, lateral buttock fullness, and lateral thigh fullness, according to Roberts et al.

Notably, even small numerical deviations from this ideal ratio may determine a dramatic change in the attractiveness of the female figure.


Characteristics of Female Latino Butt

female latino butt

Hispanic women  wish :

  • a very full buttock size,
  • with very full lateral buttock and
  • slightly full lateral thigh;
latino female butt vectors-not sportly woman

Variation 1 : Vectors Tensors Latino Female Butt

This is 1 of the 4 cases of the typical latino female butt .
This patient isnt sporty as the maximum projection point is widely above the red horizontal line.
The maximum projection point is
-above the red line , which is an horizontal traced from inferior point of pre sacral triangle 
- on a vertical line

  • The vertical internal column isnt treated in most latino women as they dont like open anus ( except for sexual workers).

  • All vectors and tensors as infragluteal line are treated normally following the inventor Dr.Alain Tenenbaum guidelines.
  • The vertical external column will have tensors looking to the external in case of latino females who wish a full lateral buttock.
  • A vertical tensor going from red horizontal line towards the maximum projection point will be added to get a better projection in latino female butt wishing a full buttock size.Dosage : 2x or 3x.
  • Such case can be done also after a fat grafting once the inflammation disappeared, or can be too complimentary to a prosthesis or implant if good situated ( not superficial) after an MRI control.

Variation 2 : Vectors Tensors Latino female Butt

This is the 2 nd variation of the typical latino female butt.
Its the same patient as above.
The difference with the previous variation is that the maximum projection point is 
- not anymore on a vertical line but in a column.

In such case where you see some points , the tensors for the respected squares will be replaced by vectors and for some other squares some tensors will be vertical looking up towards the projection point instead of beeing oblique and that below the red horizontal line.

immediate result of latino female butt

Immediate Result of Variation 1
Left Butt treated-Right Butt untreated

To appreciate the result, you should look at the picture far away from your screen .

the immediate results ( in this case 8ml have been used for this side) can be seen as :


  • projection of the maximum projection point
  • infra gluteal fold lifted
  • no convexity or bead below the infra gluteal fold
  • external smooth convexity 
  • projection of the full butt
  • fullness of buttock size 
  • full lateral buttock


  • hardness
  • firmness
  • reaffirmation
  • toning


its easy to compare the sound with the contro lateral untreated butt .

Paradigm shift according to intellectual level and social class


paradigm shift of latino female butts

Brazilian Butt

low social & intellectual level
culo favela
    • projection of the full butt
    • fullness of buttock size
    • full lateral buttock
    • extreme big volume 
    • larger width
    • quantity > quality

Colombian Butt

middle class/high class social with average intellectual level
culo colombiano
    • projection of the full butt
    • fullness of buttock size
    • full lateral buttock

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