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The Infra Gluteal Area


Upper Limit

It is the banana fold or infra gluteal fold.

Lower Limit

1 or 2 cm below the infra gluteal fold corresponding to a convexity

Check the jeans pocket position vs the infra gluteal fold or banana fold.

jeans pockets variations

Differences Male vs Female


As the majority of males wear jeans with pockets getting over the infragluteal fold  or banana fold to end under the infragluteal fold,never lift the infra gluteal area .


Most women wear jeans with pockets ending over the infragluteal fold or banana fold . Thats why a convexity of the infragluiteal area below the infra gluteal fold should not be allowed for any feminilisation of the butt. 

Therefore the lifting of the infragluteal area towards the banana fold has to be done systematically .


If men wear jeans for females or women wear jeans made for males, ask the patient what he/she wishes for the infra gluteal area, explaining him/her the differences .

Marking the Infra Gluteal Area

marking the infra gluteal area


the 5 steps to treat the female infra gluteal area