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Male Indications of Endopeel Gluteoplasty

Post Gluteal Implants


Indications as Contra Indications depend of the Position and the Depth of the Implants

Superficial Gluteal Implant

Contra Indication or Possible Indication ?

For this case, which will be detailed further, an MRI IS MANDATORY to check the depth as the position of the implants before opting for an indication or an absolute contra indication.

Intermuscular Gluteal Implant

Contra Indication or Possible Indication ?

For this case, an MRI IS MANDATORY to check the depth of the implants in case the patient is very thin.

But the indication is easier to settle in such case than in case of Superficial Gluteal Implant ( wished mostly by male patients ).

Deep Undermuscular Implant

No Contra-Indication

There is here no contra-indication. But no contra-indication isnt a synonym of indication.

Better say that if endopeel is used in such case, techniques as product cant damage the implants.

The First Step to do is to get a MRI


2 parameters have to be taken in account :

  1. the depth of the implant, as vectors are normal or perpendicular to the gluteal layers. So the length of the needles used or vectors have to be inferior to the depth of the gluteal implant ( distance between skin and implant)
  2. the position of the implant should not be in the inferior part of the gluteal area, because when lifting the banana fold or infragluteal fold, needles are parallel to the OP TABLE, pushing from down to up and they should not reach the gluteal implant if lower situated .

MRI Analysis

Depth & Position of the Gluteal Implants


Radiologist's conclusions

implants are 102x92x34 big,and position between skin and muscle on depth from the skin 16,7mm

Our Decision concerning the Indication

  • As the implants arent low situated, there is no risks to lift the infragluteal fold as usual.
  • As the implants are situated 16.7 mm and we use for vectors bd microlance needles 27 g 3/4 0.4x19 mm, the techniques need to be adapted using half of the needle for any vector without pushing .

Photography before Endopeel Procedure

Pre Operative Picture

  • The place of the gluteal implants are so much obvious, that even wearing jeans, the male patient has a butts surgical look dued to the bulging over the jeans pockets.
  • The fact that such prosthesis are high situated is a good point allowing us to treat the lifting of the infragluteal fold.


Marking Variations adapted to the patients wishes and the implants position

  • In decubitus, the position of gluteal implants is seen and the prosthesis are taking the whole superior external quarter of the gluteal area, creating an obvious bulge .
  • To decrease this bulge, tensors of the 2 vertical external columns have to widen the gluteal area. That s why they are placed as if we do a ,, latinisation,, of the butts.( green arrows).
  • The intergluteal cleft wont be opened 
  • The infragluteal fold will be lifted alone without the infra gluteal area.
  • It s very important to avoid any gluteal projection of the superior external quarter of the gluteal area.
obvious bulges of gluteal implants

Immediate Results after 1 st Session

In Orthostatic Position

  • The presence of gluteal implants disppeared optically
  • The maximum projection points arent any more the highest points of the prosthesis but moved to  the  supero internal angle of the jeans pockets ( red points).
  • The gluteal projection is not any more obvious but in harmony with the fashion style.
  • The surgical look appearance disappeared completely
  • The male shape of the butts is widely seen with external concavities.
  • The ,, rejuvenation,, of the butts can be seen with the lifting of the infragluteal sulcus.
  • The jeans pockets look ,, filled ,,even if endopeel is an isovolumetric reshaping .
  • The upper edge of the jeans pocket is lifted , changing of direction as sense from down to up .

The 55 years old male patient after great results thanks to an endopeel gluteoplasty needs a complete 3 D isovolumetric reshaping of the trapezes and his dorsal back to avoid 2 ages :
- younger age for the butts
- old age of the lower back and trapezes which need an endopeel trapezoplasty .




Conclusion after 1st session

  • Even if the surgical look linked with gluteal implants disappeared, the results arent attractive to gain patients on social medias.
  • The reason is that the maximum points of projection situated at the supero internal angle of the jeans pocket arent enough projected.
  • Therefore a 2nd session in 3 months is needed to focuse on the maximum projection points.