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Male Generation Z

2 scenarios will be considered :

  1. The unsporty generation z males

  2. The sporty generation z males


Case of Unsporty Male Generation Z

  • External column has to stay untreated to avoid to increase  much more the concavity of the hip dip.(take a look at  external red crosses)

  • Internal Column next to the intregluteal cleft has to saty untreated as most males dont want a wider intergluteal cleft or dont want to open their anus.( take a look at red crosses in the internal column)

  • The maximum point of projection ( red cross in the middle) is above the ,,red line,, which means that the patient is not sporty.

  • Tensors under the red line are looking towards the maximum point of projection ( blue arrows under the red line)

  • Tensors above the red line have to stay strictly horizontal and are looking towards the maximum point of projection

max projection point over red line
unsporty male z generation butt


  • With sport, the maximum point of projection will go down ,improving the attractiveness and beauty of the butt

  • the more endopeel sessions the patient has, the lower the maximum projection point will be

Case of Sporty Male Generation Z