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male millenials

Millenials Males  Gluteoplasty

Adrian Millenial Guy 28y
Male Millenials

Wishes of Average Male Millenials

With Endopeel,everything can be done to make those patients look good,attractive and fashion.

  • More Projection
  • Avoid Tightening if not necessary
  • Lifting of the Gluteal Fold or Banana Fold
  • Improvement of Skin Quality

Average Marking for Not Sporty Male Millenials

In red,forbidden areas  ( dont treat them) for most of millenials males.

  • Tensors over Red Line

    in green, tensors look towards the maximum projection point ( here above the red line, as the patient is not sporty) and are horizontal.

  • Tensors under Red Line

    in green, look towards the maximum projection point ( red cross) and are vertical or oblique.