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North African Female Butt
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north african  female butt north african  female butt

The north african female butt

marking north african female butt

Marking Vectors & Tensors

Internal Column with orange arrows ( tensors) makes the difference to open the intergluteal cleft.(natal cleft)

NB the intergluteal cleft separates the buttocks from each other.

  • Not sporty woman

    Max Projection Point is above the red line

  • Internal Column & Intergluteal Cleft
    the must

    All tensors ( orange arrows) look towards the external to open the intergluteal cleft.

  • Fully Butt

    By adding a vertical tensor from red line to the maximum projection point ( from 1 to 3 ml)

  • Dont increase the external convexity
    not latin

    Minimum tightening effect with tensors towards the inner

  • Lift the infra gluteal fold and gluteal crease

    For any female 

intergluteal cleft
A Good Kickoff
northafrican butt front
right northafrican butt 3/4 left
North African Right Butt Female Pants Result


  • Fully Butt

    Right  treated Butt looks more super fit in the jeans vs the untreated butt.

  • Intergluteal Cleft more open

    In Jeans, the distance between the intergluteal cleft and the supero internal angle of the jeans pocket ( max projection point) appears wider and larger vs the untreated side.

  • Isovolumetric 3D Projection of the treated Butt

    From all angles and views, the treated right butt looks more projected and full than the untreated left butt .

    So adding volume is NOT NECESSARY and any volume augmentation lead ( see physics laws of the gravity) to a butt which falls down 

  • Gluteoplasty & Gluteopexy

    The treated right butt has changed of shape ( gluteoplasty) and is lifted ( gluteopexy)

  • Infra Gluteal Fold & Gluteal Crease are lifted

    bestens seen with the bottom of the jeans pocket of the treated right butt 

  • At Palpation
    • hardness
    • firmness
    • reaffirmation
    • toning
north african female butt  profile
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