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Gender,Ethny,Fashion,Sport,Sexual Orientation,Sexual Activity,Age

Patients Selection

Butt are different in function of 

  • gender
  • ethny
  • fashion
  • sexual orientation
  • sexual activity
  • if the patient is sporty or not
different butt in function of gender

Male and Female Butt are so different


  • The bottom of the pockets of a male jeans get under the infragluteal fold.
  • The bottom of the pockets of a female jeans is always above the infragluteal fold.
different butt in function of age

Age matter for the choice of butts


  • Teens
  • Millenium
  • Generation Z
  • Mature
  • Middle Age
  • Old Generation
latino female butt

Latino & North African Female Butt are different from White Female Ones .


  • White Females do prefer a tighten butt
  • Latino Females prefer a ,, latino,, butt with enlargement of the width,lateral external convexity and more projection
  • North African Females prefer a latino butt with enlargement of the intergluteal fold
fashion female jeans

Patient get the butt in function of their jeans


  • Patient investing in fashion jeans will get an attractive butt 
  • Those wearing cheap basic jeans wont be so attractive
  • Also during aging and as fashion changes each 6 months , patients should make a new endopeel procedure each 6 months.
sexual orientation

Top and Bottom Male Gays

Sexual Orientation

  • Top Male Gays prefer closed intergluteal area
  • Bottom Male Gays may prefer opened intergluteal area
  • but the majority of male gays prefer closed intergluteal area 

Sexual Activity

Most Escort Girls are asking 

  • to open the intergluteal fold widely
  • to project their butt 
  • to lift the infragluteal fold

To appear as professional call girls and to be more attractive for their clients.

sporty male butt

Butt from soccers need a 3D isovolumetric reshaping


Soccer Men as they run so much , have a thin body with falling butt . This explains too the oblique stretch marks seen on their butts skin.

These sportsmen are asking as seen on the picture to lift and reshape their butt.

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