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Preparation of the Session

  • The main original Product
    Buy only original from official Distributors
  • Not Sterile Garzes 10x10 cm- Pack
  • Wooden Tongue Depressors ( not sterile)
  • Syringes BD 1 ML Luer lock thick ones
  • Ultra Flexible Needles 27g
  • Needles 18g
  • Skin Desinfectant without alcohol and without arachides
  • Unsterile Gloves
  • Trash for Syringes & Needles
  • Cold Cream without alcohol and without arachides
  • Pens Markers with screwdriver

Dont make economy on material

Risk for wrong ones is to break them in many small pieces which can diffuse in the blood circulation
So you may not loose product and be precise in your movements for injections.
Copies lead only to irreversible dangerous complications

Dont use copies (Turkey,South America,Spain) leading to irreversible even lethal complications

hidroxibenceno nalga

South American Dangerous Copy

sold in Spain and Latin America