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White Caucasian Female Butts

Many studies are found for this group in the medical literature.

Ratio and gluteal projection for white caucasian females

Anthropometric Analysis of Gluteal Projection

Perfect Ratio AC:AB =2.1 is the ,, best,, ratio for the study of gluteal projection among white caucasian female butts .

The 5 types

in function of the ratio AC:AB

Mostly are needed :

  1. -lipoplasty to treat the fatty tissue
  2. chemical myoplasty or endopeel to treat the muscles and the 3D gluteal shape
  3. peelings can be useful to treat the skin
type 1 female white butts
type 2 white female butts
type 3 white female butts
type 4 white female butts
type 5 white female butts