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Vectors and Tensors

Mathematical and Physical reminder

Intuitive Understanding of Vectors and Tensors
  • Tensor is quantity which depends upon 3 parameters :
  • Vector depends only on

Endopeel Vectors

Endopeel Vectors are normal to the center of each chosen square

The syringe makes 90 grades with the skins butts square

Endopeel Tensors

Endopeel Tensors have 3 parameters

Position the syringe before pushing it and injecting the product
  • A tensor is when the syringe is positioned on the arrow of the chosen gluteal square PUSHING it with big force to fight against the Archimede force.( without changing the direction and the sense of the arrow).
  • The syringe has NEVER to do any angle with the superficia of the skin.The syringe has to be in full contact with the gluteal skin.
  • So there is a movement of shifting the tissues .
  • The syringe is surfing on the skin before injecting the product.

Studies of Some Clinical Cases